Shrek Forever After (2010)

Although on the surface Shrek is living the 'dream life' back on the swamp as a celebrity, with his wife, kids and friends who visit every day; he soon suffers from a mid-life crisis where he longs for a bit of peace and quiet and is bored by the repetition each new day brings.
  Meanwhile Rumpelstiltskin is a little gnome creature who almost had the rights to the Kingdom of Far Far Away until Shrek rescued Fiona from the tower, meaning her parents didn't sign the magical deal.  Now living as a bum, Rumpel seizes his opportunity to trick Shrek to ask for one peaceful day in exchange for one from his childhood which he won't even remember.  Will Shrek sign the deal?  Did he read the fine print??

Our Rating: 6/10 - And just for the 3D scenes
Watchability: 5/10 - Only for Shrek fans
Contributed By: Jordan Taylor
Tagline: What the Shrek just happened?

Release Date: 2010-05-21
IMDb icon 6.3/10
  • Country: USA
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 133
  • Budget: $165,000,000
  • Revenue: $238,371,987
  • Production: Dreamworks

So, how does the movie end??

Donkey shows Shrek how to fold the contract to read the fine-print and the deal-breaking clause, which is the same old ""Enchantment"" style - A True Love's Kiss.  As nobody knows who he is, they try to find Fiona and Donkey is kidnapped by a group of ogres for lunch.  Shrek convinces them to let his friend go - and then sees Fiona return where she is the leader of this gang of freedom fighters.  He tries to explain who he is, but just makes a fool of himself.
  Now with his mission to get her to give him a kiss he uses every trick in the book, but she isn't having it -- although her pet cat, Puss in Boots (who is now fat after being pampered for many years) sees the spark between them.

When they find out that Rumel is leaving the palace to hunt for Shrek, they seize their chance and organise a war party.  Meanwhile Rumpel has hired a bounty hunter - the Pied Piper, to lure the ogres into a trap.

Shrek distracts Fiona just as she is about to give the signal for her troops to attack - but it is a trap and the Pied Piper has them all dancing.  Actually the disco music is surprisingly pretty good, seems to fit in well with the feel of it.  Shrek and Fiona are caught up in the hypnotic dance too, until they are pushed out the way by Donkey and Puss and fall into a river nearby.

Fiona gives in and kisses Shrek to see what will happen - but there is no spark as she doesn't truly love him.  To win her love, he knows what he must do.

So Shrek walks up to the palace and turns himself in to collect the reward - that any wish he wants be granted.  He wishes for all the ogres that have just been captured to be freed.  They are magically transported outside the palace - but Fiona is still in chains as she isn't 100% ogre.

Donkey and Puss come up with a plan as Shrek and Fiona are chained together in the palace dungeon - and the mighty dragon is unleashed.
  Rumpel has his new mirror ball installed - but all the good guys are hiding out inside and there's a huge fight.  The witches are defeated and Rumpel is captured - but Shrek is fading away as it is almost time on his free day.
  As he slips away Fiona kisses him, and this time the magic works.  Everyone disappears and he is back at the kids party after roaring for that funny kid with the voice which is the absolute highlight of the movie.

Fiona asks if he is ok - and he is relieved to be back and realises he's onto a good thing, so he kisses her and everyone is happy again.

Mike Myers
Mike Myers
Eddie Murphy
Eddie Murphy
Cameron Diaz
Cameron Diaz
Princess Fiona
Antonio Banderas
Antonio Bande...
Puss in Boots
Julie Andrews
Julie Andrews
Jon Hamm
Jon Hamm
John Cleese
John Cleese
Walt Dohrn
Walt Dohrn
Rumpelstiltskin / Priest / Krekraw Ogre
Jane Lynch
Jane Lynch
Craig Robinson
Craig Robinso...
Lake Bell
Lake Bell
Patrol Witch / Wagon Witch #2
Kathy Griffin
Kathy Griffin
Dancing Witch / Wagon Witch #1
Mary Kay Place
Mary Kay Plac...
Guard Witch
Kristen Schaal
Kristen Schaa...
Pumpkin Witch / Palace Witch
Meredith Vieira
Meredith Viei...
Broomsy Witch
Our Comments:

I cannot for the life of me remember what happened in the 3rd Shrek movie except they had a lot of kids.  Hopefully this will be the last one - you know a TV series is running out of ideas when it does the whole ""everyone is happy so let's try some time-travel shenanigans"" and the writers here are no exception.  It's a completely pointless movie where everyone ends up exactly as they were - except Shrek who is now slightly less grumpy.  And where did all those other ogres comes from??!

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