Solomon Kane (2012)

Solomon Kane (James Purefoy, a poor man's Hugh Jackman) has lost his soul to the Devil in response to his years of murder on earth.  Set in the Medieval years following the Black Death, he has renounced violence in an effort to save his soul, but when a family that show him kindness are murdered and their daughter taken hostage, he has a choice -- walk away or kill the evil creatures that are tormenting his hometown and lose his soul once more...

Our Rating: 4/10 - Seems to be lacking something, maybe a better love-interest
Watchability: 6/10 - surprisingly, quite a rewatchable movie. Its like a Medieval Rocky!
Contributed By: Jordan Taylor
Tagline: Fight evil... With evil.

Release Date: 2012-08-24
IMDb icon 6.1/10
  • Country: Czech Republic, UK, France
  • Language: English | Arabic
  • Runtime: 144
  • Budget: $45,000,000
  • Production: Davis-Films

So, how does the movie end??

After he makes it out of the church with the zombies, leaving poor Gareth to be beheaded by the tattoo guys, he finds out that Meredith has been killed.  He loses his focus, and pretty much the will to live.
  He makes it to a town of survivors, before he is taken in his sleep and crucified in the marketplace.  About to give up and die, he hears Meredith shouting his name as she is taken by in a cart with other prisoners.  He tears his hands from the nails and falls to the ground.
  The evil soldiers move towards him, but the men that were once under his control while he was captain come to his rescue.

He leads his new army to the sorcerer Malachi to defeat him and free the country of his power.  He learns that the sorcerer is hiding out in his father's castle, and he knows a secret way to get inside.

They break into the castle grounds, and Solomon makes his way to the dungeons to free the prisoners, but can't find Meredith.  One man is unable to move - and when he gets closer finds out that it's his elderly father, who is chained to the wall.  He tells Solomon that he invited Malachi to the castle in an effort to cure his son, Solomon's older brother, who has badly disfigured after the fall.

Solomon has some closure at this point, as he has been carrying the guilt of his brother's death with him all this time.  Unfortunately his brother was just partially healed, but needs to wear a mask - and is now nothing more than a puppet for his master - the sorcerer.  And the sorcerer cannot be defeated while the old man is alive - so Solomon helps to pull the trigger and end his father's life.

Inspired, Solomon gets up to the throne room to confront Malachi, who has Meredith in a wooden cage beside him.  Suddenly, the older brother appears, the big guy in the mask, and they fight.  After being stabbed a few times and then set on fire, he finally gives in and Solomon can concentrate on the sorcerer.

Malachi uses Meredith's pure blood to open a gateway to Hell where a huge demon appears whose job is to take Solomon with him.  He's tough, but very slow so Solomon isn't too phased.

Solomon takes aim while Malachi is about to kill Meredith and then shoots him from a distance, through the head, sending him and the demon through the mirror to Hell.

As it ends, Solomon is by a grave at the top of a cliff near the family home, and we hear that Meredith was taken back to her mother.  He then gets his little hat ready, and walks off ready to fight evil ... again.

James Purefoy
James Purefoy
Solomon Kane
Mark O'Neal
Mark O'Neal
Kane's Soldier #1
Ian Whyte
Ian Whyte
Devil's Reaper
James Babson
James Babson
Marek Vasut
Marek Vasut
Geoff Bell
Geoff Bell
Max von Sydow
Max von Sydow
Josiah Kane
Our Comments:

If you ever need to get yourself psyched up for something where you need to be brave, then forget Rocky IV - stick this one on the box. Something quite adrenaline-boosting about it all that'll make you come out fighting.

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