Space Chimps (2008)

Ham III is a circus monkey whose grandad (Ham I in case you're wondering) was the first chimp in space, and Ham III dreams of making it to the stars. When a satellite is sucked through a wormhole, a team of NASA scientists look for a crew of monkeys to fly a ship through the wormhole and see if the passengers will survive - but for TV ratings they need a monkey that is a little more lively - maybe even likes to act the clown. Anyone? And no, Bubbles was already busy that weekend.

Our Rating: 3/10 - At least the animation is a lot better than the jokes. Did these guys really make Shrek?
Watchability: 2/10 - Real monkeys = funny. Animated ones? What's the point
Contributed By: Jordan Taylor

Release Date: 2008-07-18
IMDb icon 4.5/10
  • Country: USA
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 121
  • Budget: $37,000,000
  • Revenue: $30,105,968

So, how does the movie end??

So the evil alien emperor is busy building a Las Vegas style resort for himself, and any of the little aliens who complain are frozen and used as ornaments in his ice lake.
  Titan finally wakes up from his sleep and helps the evil alien make better use of his robotic satellite machine to save himself, but when he is finished the alien goes back to hanging him over the frozen lake.
  Ham and Luna find a little lightbulb alien, makes friends, and then together enter a cave of 'The Flesh devouring beast' where they are chased by a giant lavae.  The lightbulb sacrifices himself to save the monkeys. They exit the cave onto a cloud that floats them back to Zartog's lair, allowing Ham to reveal some inner monologues. Yeah, it's that bad.

Zartog holds a party and demands all the aliens dance.  Titan is slowly being lowered into the lake and tries to buy some time. The monkeys fly on some winged bats and take Titan away.

The monkeys can all escape, but they decide to hang around to save the alien folk.

The ship they were on takes off and lands back on earth while a press conference is being held. The senator decided to cancel the space program.

All three chimps are captured by the evil Zartog, and he has them all hanging over the frozen lake. Titan does the same trick again where he tells him to push an assortment of buttons if he wants to use the machine to be supreme ruler of the universe. Zartog does that, then goes back to freezing them, but as he presses a button he is shot out of the satellite and lands with a belly-flop in the lake.

The volcano is about to burst, so the monkeys direct the aliens to move the Vegas buildings around the base forming a giant Hoover dam. They move the spaceship up to the top of the volcano and get inside, using the frozen evil alien as the nosecone. The energy from the blast takes their rocket back into orbit, while the little aliens are safe as the dam has kept all the volcano contents behind a huge barrier.

Luna and Titan pass out again with the G Forces, so it's up to Ham to keep the ship re-entering earth's atmosphere at 33degrees. The alien nosecone falls off with all the turbulence. Meanwhile the senator and scientists have announced a press conference to signal the end of all work on the space program.

The ship flies past overhead and crash lands. Luna falls out trying to keep it steady. Ham runs up to her lifeless body and says all kinds of mushy stuff, but she was only faking it and he is a relieved little monkey.

As the monkeys stand proudly in front of the crashed spaceship, the scientists make demands to the senator on condition that they continue work on the space program.

Andy Samberg
Andy Samberg
Cheryl Hines
Cheryl Hines
Jeff Daniels
Jeff Daniels
Patrick Warburton
Patrick Warbu...
Kristin Chenoweth
Kristin Cheno...
Kenan Thompson
Kenan Thompso...
Zack Shada
Zack Shada
Comet / Nava Boy
Carlos Alazraqui
Carlos Alazra...
Omid Abtahi
Omid Abtahi
Dr. Jagu
Patrick Breen
Patrick Breen
Dr. Bob
Jane Lynch
Jane Lynch
Dr. Poole
Kath Soucie
Kath Soucie
Dr. Smothers
Stanley Tucci
Stanley Tucci
Wally Wingert
Wally Wingert
Splork / Infinity Probe / Pappy Ham
Jessica Gee-George
Jessica Gee-G...
Ship Voice / Infinity Probe / Additional Voices
Our Comments:

Animated comedy?  Check.  Big character that has a booming voice played by Patrick Warburton?  Check.   Seems that every animated movie has this guy in now, it's getting boring.

To see something funny about space monkeys then I recommend to save your money and listen to the podcast by Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant and Karl Pilkington. The animated version on the Ricky Gervais show is even better - and Patrick Warburton doesn't make an appearance either!

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