The Contract (2007)

While on a hiking trip to bond with his wayward son, Ray Keene (Cusack) finds himself called upon by a dying US marshall to take his gun and lead his prisoner out the forest. Frank Carden (or Cordell as the DVD case spells it! - Morgan Freeman) is a dangerous assassin, and unwilling prisoner, but there seems to be a conflict inside of this mysterious man.  As night draws in, they must use Ray's son's orienteering skills to make it out of the forest before Frank's men close in on their position.

Our Rating: 6/10 - One of the best 'straight to DVDs' you'll see!
Watchability: 5/10 - Seen a lot worse
Contributed By: Jordan Taylor
Tagline: Every Killer Meets His Equal.

Release Date: 2007-04-05
IMDb icon 5.7/10
  • Country: Germany, USA
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 136
  • Budget: $25,000,000
  • Production: Millennium Films

So, how does the movie end??

Ray leads Frank, his son Chris, and remaining hitch-hiker Sandra to a log cabin in the woods to wait out the night. Frank keeps up with the talk of an offer if Ray will release him.
  It gets dark and the three remaining henchmen close in. They shout for Ray to let Frank go. Ray thinks about it, agrees, and uncuffs Frank.
  Suddenly the black henchman bursts in through the backdoor and clothes-lines Chris. Ray is filled with rage, takes the guy outside and gives him a proper UFC beating.
  The chessplayer henchman walks in through the front door with a knife. Ray, on fire, lays into him as well, but is smacked in the throat and winded. As he is down, Sandra picks up the gun and shoots the nerdy henchman dead.
  Frank pops his head out the door, the remaining sniper takes aim but a helicopter hovers overhead responding to the gunfire and turns on the beams. The sniper is blinded temporarily and misses. Frank can see his new attacker. He grabs Chris and escapes with him as a hostage through the back.

The Feds arrive, but it's clear that they aren't willing to help Ray too much. The main FBI woman shouts at the sniper over the phone for being incompetent - and tells him to hurry up and kill Frank - and while he is at it, Ray and his son in case they know too much.
  Ray is sent home, and while listening to the news responds to something a reporter said about the billionaire whose son was killed being 'an obstacle to progress'. He phones the local sheriff to warn him that 'the contract' for Frank's assassination is not The President who is in town, but the billionaire attending his son's funeral. The sheriff doesn't buy it.

Ray makes his way to the funeral and finds Frank hiding in some bushes with a sniper rifle. Suddenly a bullet whizzes by and they diver for cover. The sniper henchman keeps firing. Frank holds up his shirt, pretends he is shot, but then crawls over and shoots the sniper dead.
  He returns to Ray and they make up. He hands Ray a key to a hotel room where Chris is held, and tells him that this was the first contract he has missed.
  Ray and the cops pick up Chris, who is unharmed, just tied up and made to watch the news.

A little while later in DC, the Fed lady orders a decaf late in a Starbucks in Washington DC, until Frank stops by to claim it - and tells her that if anything happens to Ray or his son, he'll make her assassination his next contract. He walks away calmly, a nice guy after all (well, you know, considering).

The Keene family return to the outdoors for a barbecue, and invite along hitchhiker Sandra that they both quite fancy. Ray overhears on the radio that the billionaire target has died in a tragic boating accident and shakes his head, contemplating the downfall of the human race. It seems Frank is like the Mounties.

Our Comments:

Shocked that this was a 'straight to DVD' movie.  Given the 'Recommended' tag and pushed by Blockbuster (they probably got a good deal!), it's not as bad as you'll think.

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