Fifty Dead Men Walking (2009)

Martin McGartland (Jim Sturgess from 21) was an IRA double-agent during the height of the Northern Ireland troubles in the 1980s. Always on the wrong side of the tracks, he is suddenly in demand by both the IRA hierarchy (with a little help from his best friend Sean) and Scotland Yard - both offering him compensation for his efforts. Uneasy with the tactics of the IRA, he offers names and locations to his handler Fergus (Ben Kingsley) to save the lives of 'soldiers' caught up in the conflict.

Our Rating: 5/10
Watchability: 3/10
Contributed By: JT
Tagline: When you cross the line there's no going back.

Release Date: 2009-08-21
IMDb icon 6.9/10
  • Country: UK, Canada
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 157
  • Budget: £6,000,000
  • Production: HandMade Films

So, how does the movie end??

Rising up the ranks, he is taken into the inner-circle of a big plot that has its routes in Scotland and will end in the massacre of punters in an Irish pub. As only Martin and the redhead intelligence officer know the location, this is the make or break time.
  He passes the info on to Fergus and asks him to protect his young family. Unfortunately it is taken out of Fergus's hands, and Martin is considered to be expendable.
  At the pub, the police foil the plan - and the redhead screams at Martin that he's a dead man. He runs to the streets and phones his wife. Making his way to his mum's house he is captured by the IRA sniper and taken away.

Fergus decides to rescure his friend. He finds Sean and holds a gun to his head to the get the location of Martin. He then phones a bomb threat in on the block of flats to cordon off the area.

Meanwhile Martin is being tortured. When Sean enters the flat it's not clear, but it seems he offers his friend a window of opportunity to escape. Martin takes it and dives out a top story window. He lands to the ground with a thud. Fergus arrives in time to protect him and take him to a local hospital, chased by the IRA.
  At the hospital it is clear that Martin's life will always be in danger. When he recovers he is given a new identity but can never return to his family who think he is dead.

He ends up in Canada (just because the producers wanted an international market) where he is shot by the hitman as in the opening scene.

In the closing credits we're told that Martin recovered from his injuries. His actions meant that at least 50 men's lives were saved, and that he is still alive - and wanted by the IRA.

Random Notes!
As I know more about this case than just the average viewer, it's a shame that the producers decided to completely change the location of one of the main elements of the movie by a continent or two. Also Martin was much more of a character than Jim Sturgess (or the scriptwriters) could muster. They should have started the movie later - the first hour where they try to make the audience warm to Martin just doesn't work at all, but the movie does pick up when the IRA suspect a mole '24' style. Would have been good to hear what happened to the failed IRA hitman when the hit didn't work too.
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