How Does It Work?

How Does It Work?  
From the homepage of 'How Does The Movie End?' you can search through movies quickly using the scolling posters near the top-left of our site - you can search for the top 5 by Top Rated, Most Viewed or the Last 5 Added to our system.  Just click a title or movie poster and you'll be taken straight to the review page.
  For the complete range of movies on offer - you can navigate to the type of movie you're after using our Movie Category list to the left of our site, or you can search for titles using the search feature underneath, or through the link at the top of our site.

What do some of the fields mean?  
'Our Rating' is purely a subjective rating by the review team on the quality of the movie.
'Watchability' is a score out of 10 for the repeat-watchability likeliness of the film.  If you have only ever seen a small part of the movie, or maybe you are thinking to make a purchase, then this is the number to look out for -- do you really want to buy a DVD or Blu-Ray for a movie you're only ever going to watch once?!

To really get involved, please consider becoming a member of our site where you will be able to write comments on movies featured, vote to give a community score (out of 10) on the quality of the film, or even post your own reviews and spolier alerts.  To become a member, click the "Create an Account" text link below the Members' username and password fields to the left of our site, and then remember to click the authentication link that will be sent to the email address you specify to finalise your account.

We are constantly adding new services and movies of all eras to our site - keep coming back and if there is anything you want to see featured, then let us know!

If you are an advertiser and want to contact our team directly, please send us an email at our site's "info@" account with information, and a member of our team will respond shortly.